Asteroids in the Bible

If you asked a Christian what global threat they fear most probably they would say  the mark of the beast, the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist, or some other major aspect of end time Bible prophecy. Usually they would not answer that they fear an asteroid impact on earth in their lifetime, such as the sci-fi films Asteroid, Armageddon or Deep impact depicted.

These days they might give a completely different answer. Almost three months after a meteor exploded into pieces above Russia (injuring 1500 people), another asteroid threatened earth on the last day of May, 2013. A “potentially dangerous” rock named Asteroid 2008 QE2 ( 1.7 miles wide) passed within 3.6 million miles of earth. May be you think that it sound far, but it’s only 15 times further out than the moon is.

While no one was really worried about this one, it does increase the issue once again of how vulnerable earth—and our civilization—is to these ballistic threats from space. All it takes is a rock 150 yards (140 meters) wide to devastate a big city such as Washington D.C. (scenery as a movie). While asteroids that size only have a one in 20 000 chance of hitting earth in any given year, the danger is serious enough that NASA and other space agencies have started a concerted effort to track all objects that size and larger. Unfortunately only 10% of the estimated 13 000 to 20 000 city-leveling asteroids have been detected. And worse, , at the existing rate, it will take until 2030 before we reach the more comforting level of 90% discovery.

But even if we had 100% tracking of threatening near-earth objects today, there is still a trouble. According to John Holdren, who is science adviser to President Barack Obama – we would need five years (just imagine – FIVE YEARS!!!) advance warning in order to prepare and execute a plan to try to neutralize a collision threat. Naturally this would be attempted through various possible means including evaporating it, Bruce Willis-style.

When space agency chief Charles Bolden was asked what would NASA do if a large asteroid was discovered to be on a collision course with earth three weeks before impact, his answer was not reposeful. Bolden said, “The answer to you is, ‘if it’s coming in three weeks, pray,'”. Needless to say, that’s is very disturbing news.

Bible believers, however, have an extra cause for concern when they read the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 8:8-9 (HCSB) – 8 The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain ablaze with fire was hurled into the sea. So a third of the sea became blood, 9 a third of the living creatures in the sea dies, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

Is there a prophecy of devastating asteroids in the Bible? The biblical description here is rarely comprehensible. Аs you know, asteroids are actually parallel to “mountains in space” by astronomers (of course, not literal mountains hence the “something like” qualifier is perfect). Further, as they pass through the atmosphere prior to hitting earth, they light up—not from friction, but from “ram pressure” compression of the air in front of the body. This creates the “blazing fire” described in the prophecy. Since most of the earth’s surface is ocean, the most likely place for an hitting like this is the ocean, just as described. Almost everyone knows these days what certainly must follow that. Tidal waves or Tsunamis would radiate out from there, destroying the ships. And how do the fish die? Obviously, the burning asteroid will boil and dirty the water at splashdown leading to mass deaths of sea life.

By the way, some point out that since it does not say where the mountain is thrown into the sea from, it is not exactly known whether it came from space. Another proposal is that underwater volcanoes may be responsible for throwing up a mountain. Naturally, Volcanoes are an interesting idea since they explode with pyroclastic flows (a hot avalanche of rock, ash and gas) and pyroclastic surges (a cloud of volcanic ash and hot gasses exceeding 100 km per hour). Neither of these volcanic expulsions could be described as like a mountain being hurled nor is there a record of a volcano ever throwing an entire mountain up into the air. The questions are : How would it stay together from the explosion? How would it be burning since it is only a dislodged mountain? And the only way a mountain can both be in one piece and on fire at the same time is if it came from space. Natturaly, If you check the trumpet before and after the second trumpet, seems that they both have to do with objects from space, just as do the sixth and seventh seal. For that reason an asteroid makes the most sense with description and context.

We said earlier that this happens before the rapture. That is because the Great Tribulation (before which most people think the rapture happens) does not come until the fifth trumpet when Satan is cast to earth to begin his wrath. And the fifth trumpet is exactly three trumpets after this asteroid hitting happens at the second trumpet. And of course, God has different plan than the rapture to save his people from pre tribulation threat events like this.

Scientists established that with so many near-earth objects out there and it is just a matter of time before a large asteroid collides with earth just as the Chelyabinsk meteor did early in 2013.

Christians tend to overlook (with their focus on the rapture and Antichrist) that there is a very explicit description of exactly that in Revelation. And an asteroid will impact the ocean before the rapture and Great Tribulation as part of cascade of events starting with the sun’s binary twin called star Wormwood (or to scientists Nemesis) sending a comet in our direction.

There is no cause for fear among believers while it is discouraging to see scientists fears confirmed in Bible prophecy,  We need to believe God will not leave us on our own to face such a devastating global cataclysm. Particularly when this global smiting directly leads to the rise of the Antichrist over the earth or what is called the Great Tribulation by Jesus. God’s deliverance plan for that pre tribulaton period is already spelled out in the pages of the prophecies.


Asteroids in The Bible

Bible believers have an extra cause for concern when they read the Book of Revelation.