Asteroid News

The website is built to bring all recent news about asteroid activity. We follow the feed of major news agencies such as CNN, CNBC, BBC, REUTERS as well as we follow major institutions such as NASA, – a very respected by us website.

It is crucial to always have the lastest asteroid news. We check all the news feed so you don’t have to. Just visit our News section to read the latest asteroid related news from the most reliable sources. Be warned! Be prepared!

There are many sources online for asteroid news. Not all of them are very reliable. At we follow only the biggest and most respected news agencies. There will be no rumours and no unconfirmed information from unclear sources. We will work to make this News section to autoupdate with latest news. All publications will link to the source of the News so there are no questions.

Other sources of information may be added to the project after we check their reliability. It is important for us that our readers always have the right information. If you know a different source of information that you want to be added to our feed – please don’t be shy to contact us. We believe that asteroids are a real danger and should be seriously monitored. We are unsure and a little bit concerned about the current level of asteroid monitoring. This website is an attempt to bring all information sources together.

Feedback is most welcome!


Asteroid News

Find here lates news about asteroids.

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