Asteroid Movies

For years, Man has been looking towards the skies with fascination about what lay beyond this Planet enslaved by Humanity. We have wondered what lay beyond this blue enigma, and in recent centuries we have embarked upon a journey that has imparted much knowledge about the Universe and the Solar System in particular.

We now know that the Earth isn’t at the center of the Universe, or even the center of the Solar System. That honor is bestowed upon the Sun, and we have also learnt that our Planet is not alone. The Universe is filled with billions of Planets, with ours being only a blip on the enigma that is the Universe.

Indeed, we have also discovered other types of celestial Bodies, such as Asteroids. Asteroids have become one of the most studied Parts of the Solar System, and just have something in them which causes us to be more interested in them than any other celestial Body in the Universe.

Science Fiction has enabled Humanity to imagine, to break away from the limiting barriers of Reality and venture into the unknown. Due to our fascination with Asteroids, they have become an important part of Science Fiction, with many comics and movies including them as the main premise.

The thing is, Asteroids are dangerous. An Asteroid the size of a small Ball, under the right Conditions, can wipe out entire Cities, perhaps even more. And a sufficiently sized Asteroid when under the right conditions can wipe out life on Earth.

The very idea of a small Object like an Asteroid having the potential to cause so much destruction is fascinating, which is why it has become the main premise in many Stories. Movies where Asteroids pose an imminent threat to Earth, and Humans, with their combined Intelligence somehow manage to save the day enjoy widespread adoption and rake in profits.

Movies such as Deep Impact and Armageddon generally have the same Storylines for the most part. The major Events are essentially the same across such Movies, while there may be different in how the execute those Events.

These Movies can be divided into three Parts: The Discovery, The Crisis and the Ending. These Movies all start out with an Asteroid being discovered as an anomaly. This is the Discovery. Scientists are huddled up in some Lab when someone notifies others of an incoming Object, and in some Movies there is even a Convenient Alert notifying that an Asteroid is approaching.

The Government, naturally, tries to keep it under wrap, but the news eventually reaches the Public causing widespread panic. This is where experienced people are selected for a Taskforce to eliminate the threat.

This taskforce is launched into Space, usually to divert the Asteroid or to destroy it. This leads us to the next Part, which is the Crisis, where the assigned Taskforce either isn’t able to execute their Mission successfuly, or they run into some major Problems during the course of the Mission, which threaten the life of the crew.

And this leads us to the third part, the Ending, where the Crew with some heroic Action somehow saves the day, with cheers emanating from Earth, thus culminating the Story. You would be surprised how many Asteroid Movies go through the same sequence of Evenets, and even then the Public is crazy about such movies.]

Observing the success of Asteroid Movies, it isn’t a stretch to say that Asteroids, and Science Fiction as a whole has ingrained itself into modern Culture. While in the olden days we would shy away from the unknown, in the modern World, with the help of such Movies and Books, we are embracing the unknown and  moving a step ahead collectively.


Asteroid Movies

Movies where Asteroids pose an imminent threat to Earth, and Humans, with their combined Intelligence somehow manage to save the day enjoy widespread adoption and rake in profits.