Asteroid Forecast Predicts Surfs Up – What if a Giant Asteroid Hits the Ocean, Tsunami City!

“Attention; NEWS FLASH – A Giant Asteroid is Headed for Earth – This is not a test, this is not a test” – the TV said, in a future hypothetical scenario. And so, what should you do about that? Now if you are a avid surfer, you might think “hmm, I can catch a killer wave dude” and yes maybe you could, and yes it would be a killer, so let me explain!

Okay so, the astronomers, cosmologists, astrophysicists tell us that an asteroid is going to hit Earth, on its way in fact, and odds are that it will hit in the ocean somewhere. Why you ask, simple, because the Earth’s surface is “two-thirds” ocean – that’s why, so most likely this is where it will land. So, you want to surf the big Tsunami, a chance of a life time right – wrong, more like a big chance of a dying time if you try.

How so you ask? Again, simple, the Tsunami could be 1500 meters high! Ouch, meaning something like 4500 feet above sea level, yah, I’d like to see you try to surf that, as it kind of makes the Big Waves on Hawaii’s North Shore look like the wave of a leaf hitting a puddle on the sidewalk. Well, I am glad I talked you out of that hair-brained concept, as you’d be better off surfing a CAT V Hurricane storm surge, as that would be child’s play next to this massive wave.

Now then, you probably want to know how on Earth anyone can calculate the trajectory of an Asteroid and know that it will hit the Earth right? Well, it isn’t an exact science, it’s an approximate one, they’ll never know for sure, and by the time they do know, or think they know for sure, you’ll barely have time to run for the hills by then.

The science of predicting an asteroids exact path is about as accurate as predicting a Hurricane’s exact landfall, oh maybe it’s a little better than that, but not much from what I can tell. Please consider all this, and if you live near the ocean and a big asteroid is coming, put down your surf board and go to higher ground immediately.

*Trust me on this one, read the information and reports, you cannot surf a Tsunami generated from a giant asteroid. Seriously, 1500 meters high, that’s huge and the research is real. Check it out dude!

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Source by Lance Winslow

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